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The National Directorate Centre for International Economy (DNCEI) is the economic think tank of the Argentine Foreign Affairs Ministry. It carries out economic and foreign trade analyses and provides helpful information to reach Argentina’s foreign policy goals, acting in accordance to the work programme drawn up by the Secretariat of International Economic Relations.

The main goals of DNCEI are:

* To pinpoint medium- and long-term economic trends at both world and regional levels, and to propose strategic options and courses of action that would benefit national development.

* To assist the Secretariat of International Economic Relations and other areas of the Foreign Affairs Ministry with domestic and international economic statistics.

* To perform and disseminate studies, analyses of current conditions, indicators, regular economic reports, specific reports and other reports about the economic situation of other countries, blocs of countries and customs unions.

* To provide technical support; to promote the exchange of statistics and documents; and to coordinate collaborative research on international economy with other public bodies.

* To encourage the signing of technical support agreements and to participate in international cooperation programmes within its areas of specific competence.

* To organise seminars, lectures, conferences and colloquia in order to disseminate information and conduct studies entrusted by the Secretariat of International Economic Relations.