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Relaunch of the CEI website and new online statistical series

Thursday 23 May 2013

The new CEI website now boasts new sections, new ways of access to information and more resources to be used by the different areas of the Foreign Ministry and the general public.

The section Statistics enables you to access the statistical sources of different countries, regions and international organisations, and leads you to related websites. Additionally, it allows you to see what data has been updated recently.

The statistics are classified into the following categories:

Information about a wide range of countries and about the world regarding output levels, labour market, prices, foreign sector, financial sector and fiscal sector.

MERCOSUR and Associated States
Series of the main economic indicators, foreign trade by partner and foreign trade by sector or product, and real exchange rate of MERCOSUR Member States (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela), MERCOSUR Associated Member States (Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and of MERCOSUR as a bloc.

Direct access to statistics of Argentina and to new series specially prepared by the CEI researchers. These new series provide information about the main economic indicators; foreign trade by partner; foreign trade by sector or product; exports and imports by area of production according to the International Standard Industrial Classification (rev. 3); exports and imports by technological content; competitiveness indicators; and other indicators, such as degree of trade openness, and export and import coefficient. These statistics are released on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

The section Publications offers an improved and centralized access to all the documents prepared by the CEI. This section allows you to search by author, title or words from the title, and to filter your search of publications by type (journal, paper, etc.), topic (general or specific), geographical area (America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe), and by country.