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WTO Public Forum

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Once again, the WTO held its Public Forum on 30th September to 2nd October, in Geneva, Switzerland, headquarters of said organization. This year in particular, the 20th anniversary of the institution was commemorated with workshops and working sessions revolving around different topics, following the main theme “Trade Works”. Experts from public and private sectors and the academia from different parts of the world discussed the contribution that cooperation within the WTO has made to the strength and stability of the world economy. Likewise, issues of global concern like growth, poverty, gender equality, access to goods and medicines, and the need to promote peaceful and mutually beneficial relationships between nations were analyzed.

CEI’s National Director made his presentations at two working sessions. The first was based on the WTO standards and the need to include new aspects, like competition, public procurement and export tax disciplines. The second session was related to the challenge of job creation in a globalized world and the need of developing countries to have a policy space where they can achieve industrialization within the WTO framework. During the second session, they also examined the consequences for developing and developed countries of incorporating standards elaborated during free trade agreement negotiations into the WTO.